Our inspiration to start this journey

We believe that people and ideas can make a beautiful world, a world which is a better place for a lot more of us, a world which we enjoy, a life which we look forward for, we have a right to have access to opportunities which can help us to embark on each of our personal voyage. We have a duty to make sure we hand over a beautiful planet to millions of young friends.

At Unifiers we wish to bring together people and ideas to start create Social Ventures – business models that create value for a large number of people and stakeholders, in the process creating financial value for as many of us to give us the financial freedom to pursue our dreams, dreams which will further ignite more ideas and many more dreams. We wish to create an eco-system, wherein many of us can pursue what we truly wish to do, what we know we should be doing but haven’t been able to do, and not only by full time getting involved or working at Unifiers, but from wherever we are and whatever we do.

Our team is not only people who full time work with us, but also people from other organizations we work with to create a better world for many of us.

With Her guiding us, we embark on this journey…