The Bamboo Bridge

In 2008, Naxalites had blown over a bridge on a State Highway in Giridhi District of Jhakhand. While the administration was working on re-building this bridge, a project which would take well over 3-4 years, here was Kishore Kumar, who saw an opportunity to build an enterprise, an enterprise which captures what an entrepreneur is , he can be anyone and anywhere; he thinks differently and can change the world!
Kishore got 80 fellow villagers together and each one of them contributed Rs. 300 which was used to buy nails, iron wires etc. They worked hard for 20 days, using the local bamboo which was available in abundance, they build a bridge across the river. And here they were, ready with their enterprise in less than a month and only Rs. 24000 investment. They charged Rs. 2 to every person who wanted to go across the river using their bridge and even could get cars go across with a Rs. 50 to be paid as toll charges. Each of these guys now made Rs. 40-45 per day and would continue to do so till the Government would rebuild the bridge. Seeing the success of this enterprise, within the following weeks, three more similar bridges came up with the new teams of villagers from the surrounding areas following the footsteps of Kishore Kumar and his friends who build the first bridge.

Bamboo Bridges - the bridges which helped us cross the turbulent river. People and Ideas can really create a beautiful world!